So one day I got it in my head to recreate a really old Baby Invader Zim 'adopt' from a long-defunct fansite. And then I just kinda kept making more. Based on screenshots from the show, concept art by Aaron Alexovich, and my own AMAZING brain, I present: "Adopt-A-Smeet!"

   These are "adoptables," a.k.a. lil' pagedolls that you can put on your own site! All I ask is that a) upload the image to your own server, b) you don't claim them as your own work, and c) that you link the image back to this site, so other people can adopt their own! Copy the code below and insert your image url where it says "IMAGE URL HERE", then stick it on your site! :D

Lil' Zimmy

Lil' Dibby

Lil' Gazzy

Lil' Takky

Lil' Reddy

Lil' Purply

Lil' Membrane...y

Lil' Skoodgy

Lil' Timmy*

*This little guy is from the unfinished episode "The Trial!"