Screenshots and comic panels I enjoy, out-of-context.
          Sorta kinda SPOILERS ahead!

Series screenshot of Zim sitting at the breakfast table with GIR, reading a newspaper: 'Hey look, they're gonna start making artificial beavers!' Zim from the comic, staring blankly before having a realization and muttering 'omigod.' a strangely-drawn rendition of Invader Zim in his underwear, with three nipples visible
Invader Zim sitting on his couch, sighing Invader Zim riding a giant Irken snack, wearing a cowboy hat and shouting 'YEEHAW!' Invader Zim, in a mech suit eerily reminiscent of a certain recent US president, declaring 'I have given birth!'
GIR playing a saxophone in front of Zim's house