Unfinished Episodes

When Invader Zim was canceled just a few episodes into the second season, the cast & crew were left with a bunch of scripts, and even a few episodes' worth of recorded dialogue. At some point, they were kind enough to make much of this available to the fans, and here they are for your reading and listening enjoyment!

Hint: to save the scripts, which are (mostly) in .pdf format, for later reading, right-click and save-as! Otherwise they'll just open in your browser. Same with the recorded dialogue (.mp3 format).

Big thanks to RoomWithAMoose.com for helping me make these scripts available again!

Recorded Dialogue:
*This dialogue track includes Dib, Mortos, and GIR, but no extras (Zim can be heard faintly in the background at times). This is an old file, and not the clearest quality. It's extremely loud, clipping the audio throughout. There was also a bad background hum, but I managed to remove that. If you really want to listen to it without my tampering, you can click here.